Quotations -- Hal Bramson, 1932-1994

What keeps me sober is my Higher Power. It is the ultimate pragmatic concept of God. That which finally keeps me sober becomes God.

I'm angry my life is coming to an end -- I'll say prematurely, even at age 62. The other day, I walked home rather than take a taxi. As I described it to my therapist, unbeknownst to me, I had made a fist with my left hand. So I'm not going to talk about my mortality in three months. I may be alive for a year. It's all right to be angry at the disease, to be defiant, and to surrender to the reality. I'm exhausted, I'm tired. Take a taxi home!

[Quoting Marianne Williamson:] Prayer is the pilgrim's walking stick. Nothing is as fragile as action without prayer.

I realized how angry I am that I have cancer and am dying. I have learned so much, I have come so far. Who would have thought that this Program would improve my communication skills?