Letters to the Editor

The following letters appeared in OutWeek, a weekly gay publication in New York City.

OutWeek, Issue #9, Aug. 21, 1989, page 4 PEN PAL No one is rooting more for the success of OutWeek than I. New York desperately needs a responsible lesbian and gay weekly that is respected and gives value to our community. During the early 1980s the Native was truly informative and inspiring with articles by the fearless and inimitable Larry Kramer, and Drs. Lawrence Mass and Dan William, among others. Unfortunately in recent years, the Native has become a divisive and negative force with its nasty personal attacks on anyone who dares disagree with its theories about the causes of AIDS and the value of AZT. I consider it a political act to buy OutWeek every week and urge my friends to do so. I also explain to newsdealers they would make many more impulse purchase sales if they displayed OutWeek more prominently. Now after all that praise I have a criticism of OutWeek. Why do you publish only a handful of "Letters to the Editor" in each issue? San Francisco's Bay Area Reporter had nineteen letters in a recent issue. An expanded letters section can be exciting and fun and provide a stimulating community forum for differences of opinion both serious and frivolous. Hal Bramson Manhattan
OutWeek, Issue #28, Jan. 7, 1990, page 10 Where's Pat? OutWeek's "Nightmares" lists were fun to read but why didn't you include New York's Senior Senator, Daniel Patrick Moynihan? Sure they guy votes right, lends his name to AIDS and lesbian and gay causes and even was the honored speaker at a Human Rights Campaign Fund dinner. Big deal! Where is his leadership in loudly and publicly denouncing gay bashing and the government's halfhearted efforts in fighting the AIDS epidemic? Other sacred cows who need to be exposed are New York Times columnists Anthony Lewis and Tom Wicker. While they write eloquently and passionately about such issues as the homeless and apartheid they are murderously silent about AIDS. I nominate them for OutWeek's next "Nightmares" listing. Hal Bramson Manhattan
OutWeek, Issue #34, Feb. 18, 1990, page 7 Chic-er Than Thou? I was saddened to read the bitter letter from several GMHC staff members who ridicule AIDS activists by calling them "so ultra-chic at the moment." The battle to force society to take the epidemic seriously and to find a cure is neither trendy nor insignificant. Hal Bramson Manhattan